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Here you may search for various PRS pages based on keywords or phrases. The search will look through the transcripts for each page as well as any keywords listed for the page.

The transcript is basically the dialogue of the comic. Searching for words or phrases must be exact to what you're looking for in the comic. The keywords are tags that are assigned based on things such as character appearances. Also be warned that searching for shorter words may return results with words containing the word you searched. (Example: Searching for Lea will also show results for Leah).

Some commonly used or notable keywords used for PRS:

[character name] - Searches for any appearances or mention of the character.
[pokemon species] - Searches for unnamed appearances of specified species.
[attack] - Searches for use of the specified attack or move.

Dream - Searches for scenes that take place in a dream.
Flashback - Searches for flashback scenes.
Cameos - Searches for cameo appearances.
Crowd - Searches for crowd scenes with too many characters/Pokemon to keyword.
Rest in Peace - Searches for character deaths.

a f f i l i a t e s

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