February 26, 2021

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Nekomata, 2/26/2021, 12:00 AM     Edit | Delete
Naya is such a mood today.

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User Comments:

comercole, 2/26/2021, 12:58 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
what is that feather?
NikuComics, 2/26/2021, 3:52 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
oh hey, CF heard my thought I had. I was thinking about this comic and if I would ever read it again. xD
Hi, hello, I know what to binge read this weekend.
Nekomata, 3/2/2021, 11:14 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Welcome back! I remember you for the SJ days. What a sad fate for SJ. But hey- we've got a comfy new home here! =D Enjoy the reread!
Koren, 2/26/2021, 7:02 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Oooohh, is that a Lunar Feather? Echo's going to have a tough time talking to Naya at night with that around.
Nekomata, 3/2/2021, 11:15 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Lunar feathers only protect from nightmares. Is Echo REALLY that bad to be considered a nightmare? (I mean okay, maybe).

We're also assuming that's a lunar feather.
GameZone, 2/26/2021, 2:27 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
There's cookies milk and a note on the table.
Nekomata, 3/2/2021, 11:15 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Of course there is. Ramsley is a good butler and made sure Naya had some treats to munch on before bed if she wanted.
Racingwolf, 2/26/2021, 11:31 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
How thoughtful of them to leave cookies! Also Naya is definitely a mood.

(Looking forward to your new comic also!)
Nekomata, 3/2/2021, 11:15 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Ramsley is very good at his job! =D

Naya is always a mood.

And thank you!
Crab Lord, 2/27/2021, 4:47 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Hmm... A Lunar Wing feather? I know they're connected to Cresselia and that they dispel nightmares... would it be equivalent to that of a Dream Catcher in this universe? That's a nice touch!

If not, then I feel Cresselia may play a minor role in the near future...
Nekomata, 3/2/2021, 11:16 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
A Lunar feather would dispel nightmares! Assuming that is indeed a lunar feather then it's no wonder Naya actually got some good sleep the night before! xD

Cresselia may or may not have some sort of role in the comic. (I mean, Darkrai definitely does so it wouldn't be stretch to include his sister!)
PuppyLover4, 2/28/2021, 7:30 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Naya looks so sad :((
Nekomata, 3/2/2021, 11:17 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
She's exhausted and discouraged. It's okay- I'm sure she'll catch a break soon enough!
NeoEmolga, 3/5/2021, 7:13 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
After a long week, I totally feel this "FLOP" in my soul.

Great colorful pages as always. :3
Homi_, 8/3/2021, 1:59 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
if im correct thats a lunar feather from cresselia

a f f i l i a t e s