September 18, 2020


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Nekomata, 9/18/2020, 12:00 AM     Edit | Delete
Almost done with the chapter~!

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User Comments:

Mangochicken, 9/18/2020, 12:44 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Doesn't larvitar weigh like 40 kg or something?
comercole, 9/18/2020, 1:14 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
talon is struggling to lift that larvitar.
dmr11, 9/18/2020, 6:26 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
72 kg, which is almost twice the weight of a Zangoose.
PuppyLover4, 9/18/2020, 6:32 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Larvitar is heavy for their size
Nekomata, 9/19/2020, 6:57 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
They weight A LOT. Couldn't help but keep that for PRS. xD
GameZone, 1/8/2021, 11:53 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
How many is that in pounds?
Mangochicken, 1/8/2021, 3:38 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
a lot
GameZone, 1/11/2021, 11:35 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Oh, ok. Thanks!
Legosamurai732, 9/18/2020, 6:11 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Nekomata, 9/19/2020, 6:58 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Yes. Naya is gonna die and Pebble becomes the new main character of the story. You figured it out!
Guest, 9/18/2020, 6:18 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I wonder which of them Arth is going to kill first.
Nekomata, 9/19/2020, 6:58 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Why not both at the same time?
Foxyjosh, 9/18/2020, 8:20 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I thought the "POP" was Zangoose's back for a moment.
AceDelta12, 9/18/2020, 12:20 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
So did I, at first. Then I realized it would be more of a "CRACK"
Nekomata, 9/19/2020, 6:58 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I mean, considering Pebble's weight... it could have been!
Masterofmages, 9/18/2020, 1:52 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I love the the fact that Naya's fluff stands upwards when she gets scared.
Nekomata, 9/19/2020, 6:58 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Just like a cat when they get startled!
PuppyLover4, 9/18/2020, 6:32 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Ooh who's eye is that?

Also, I feel that I should point out to you that Amber has the same character sheet as Echo.
Nekomata, 9/18/2020, 7:26 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I could have sworn I fixed that already. Thanks for the heads up!
Racingwolf, 9/18/2020, 11:28 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I love how you made note of how ridiculously heavy larvitar is. XD
Nekomata, 9/19/2020, 6:59 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
How could I NOT make note of that? xD
Guest, 12/1/2022, 6:20 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
OK, That Larvitar is just friggin' cute

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