September 11, 2020


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Nekomata, 9/11/2020, 12:00 AM     Edit | Delete
Poor Grenth.

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User Comments:

comercole, 9/11/2020, 12:51 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
brother,sister or her mom?
Koren, 9/11/2020, 3:46 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Clearly the dad
Guest, 9/11/2020, 9:25 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Probably a sibling, seeing as he's an Archeops and the other one is an Archen.
Nekomata, 9/14/2020, 5:34 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Sister, yes!
Nekomata, 9/14/2020, 5:33 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Sister- you know, the one he mentioned a few pages back!
Jade McDonald’s, 9/11/2020, 11:07 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
At least he apologized
Nekomata, 9/14/2020, 5:34 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I mean, it probably doesn't make a difference to Grenth xD
Masterofmages, 9/11/2020, 1:45 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I actually like that darkrai actually legit looks like he's sorry for making Grenth relive this, seems like he's a bad guy but not a heartless one, maybe even forced to be? Just glad we don't have another "I am darkrai and thus am evil" thing going on, not that its wrong, just overused
Guest, 9/12/2020, 11:42 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Darkrai might not have control over what kind of nightmares happen, unless he has access to other pokemon's memories. He doesn't seem like the sadistic type though.
Nekomata, 9/14/2020, 5:40 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Darkrai just causes nightmares. Since nightmares are usually from our fears and subconscious, Darkrai cannot control the content of the nightmares without knowing the person he's effecting very well. Even then, it's still easier to just let the nightmare do its thing than to try to control it. His ability is mostly passive- as in if you're asleep around him you're gonna have a nightmare- but if he focuses he can help prevent them to individuals.
Nekomata, 9/14/2020, 5:35 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I'm tired of Dark = evil tropes. Sometimes they're just misunderstood or bitter at being assumed to be evil! Sure, Darkrai's abilities are pretty menacing but that doesn't mean he himself has to be! He does his best to go against the evil assumption with a friendly attitude and awful jokes.
PuppyLover4, 9/11/2020, 4:10 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
What's with the flowers? Seem rather out of place...
MoogleSam, 9/12/2020, 1:54 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
They seem to be fallen cherry blossoms so they would have fallen from a tree. It's just part of the setting of the region it is in I'm pretty sure.
Nekomata, 9/14/2020, 5:36 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Not cherry blossoms. Azalea flowers. =P
MoogleSam, 9/14/2020, 7:23 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Ooh, interesting choice. They looked like the light shade of cherry blossoms to me. Usually when I see azaleas they are a darker pink. Good to know though.
Nekomata, 9/14/2020, 5:36 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
It's a dream. Probably something to do with Grenth's subconscious or something.
Racingwolf, 9/12/2020, 3:42 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Wonder what happened here
Nekomata, 9/14/2020, 5:36 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
It's a nightmare so it might not be literal real events. Who knows!
John Mandrake, 9/14/2020, 12:39 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I'm glad Darkrai is at least sympathetic towards the poor bird. I really don't like when he's portrayed as a bad guy simply due to his Ability or Type... it's not like he chose either of them after all.
Nekomata, 9/14/2020, 5:41 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
He most certainly did not choose to be the king of nightmares! This of course gets him labeled as someone who enjoys the suffering of others or actually being evil so he tries his best to be friendly and appear non threatening with awful jokes. Not that it works all that well- especially after his role in the war, but he tries.

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