March 6, 2020


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Nekomata, 3/6/2020, 12:00 AM     Edit | Delete
One more page of the chapter. Will it be a cliffhanger? Only one way to find out!

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User Comments:

weaselcheez, 3/6/2020, 12:08 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
We've got Naya just being like "yus, cookies" and Abra (I forgot his name) taking a nap
Nekomata, 3/8/2020, 1:00 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Amber does not get nearly enough sleep so she's taking a nap.
Wifijoe, 3/6/2020, 12:59 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Lots of death from that one night... Really do wonder how Naya fits into this.
AUSsaultBird2454, 3/6/2020, 11:09 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
What If Naya was the friend lea was refering to ;)
Guest, 3/8/2020, 9:23 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Or what if it's echo?
Nekomata, 3/8/2020, 1:00 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
What if it's both of them?
AUSsaultBird2454, 3/8/2020, 2:18 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Only big brain questions in this comment section
TheFriedPickle, 3/8/2020, 8:47 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
What if it's neither, and it's just Mist?
comercole, 3/6/2020, 2:42 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
wow that's sad if he did get killed!!!
Qiryn, 3/6/2020, 4:02 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
the story gets more interesting :D
Also, there's a typo in the 2nd panel in the 2nd bubble : considered 'and' accomplice should be 'an'.
Angry unicorn cat, 3/6/2020, 4:40 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
naya’s face XD
AndreTheLuveltia, 3/6/2020, 8:46 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Seems like someone got drowsy out of story time!
Nekomata, 3/8/2020, 1:01 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
She's already heard the story before. Nothing new for her!
Nashew, 3/7/2020, 8:36 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
So that's why Jasper has been stalking them! Makes sense!
Nekomata, 3/8/2020, 1:01 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Jasper is good family member. Much more sane than everyone else.
Angry unicorn cat, 3/7/2020, 11:03 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
how big are nayas ears XD
Nekomata, 3/8/2020, 1:02 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
They are big soft bunny ears that vary from page to page depending on how I feel and how much attention I'm paying to scale.

Accurate size would be what you see in the background of the site!
Angry unicorn cat, 3/11/2020, 3:36 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
well that wut makes her look cute in a way
Scarftale Bryan, 3/8/2020, 2:57 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I don't think Amber or Naya is taking this sierously enough. And seeing how this is a web comic; where like, 3 pages ago, someone got run through; thats saying something
Nekomata, 3/8/2020, 3:23 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Amber has heard the story before. Naya is paying attention... but she could probably be paying more attention. To be fair- those are really good cookies.
Angry unicorn cat, 3/12/2020, 4:47 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Spire, 8/4/2022, 7:57 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete

Naya: COOKIE :3

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