June 19, 2013

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User Comments:

Espeon Person, 5/15/2020, 6:14 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Hi! I’m working on making a comic and I was wondering how you got the “next chapter/previous chapter” button to show up, or the “... pages left in the chapter”.
Nekomata, 5/15/2020, 10:45 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Go to "Edit Layout" and find where it says

<a href="[v:prevcomic]">

You can copy and paste it then change it to:

<a href="v:prevchapter]">

to make it go back to the next/prev chapter!

And what do you mean how many pages left?
Espeon Person, 5/15/2020, 10:50 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Thanks for the code!

There's a thing that says "Chapter 11 completion" and then it shows how many pages are left.
Nekomata, 5/15/2020, 10:52 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Oh! I have a spreadsheet tracker that I hooked up to my code to automatically update pogress. I’m on mobile right now but if you check the forums the template/guide I used to set it up should be in the coding board as one of the most recent topics!
Espeon Person, 5/15/2020, 10:54 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Okay thanks!
Espeon Person, 5/15/2020, 5:40 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I want to say thanks again. I finally finished coding it and some other things, and you were really helpful :3
If you want to see it, you can click here.
Espeon Person, 5/16/2020, 8:37 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Sorry for asking so many things, but I also would like to know how you got the sidebars there.
Nekomata, 5/16/2020, 9:59 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Not a problem! The sidebars are a bit of a different mess of code... I'll see if I can pick apart how they work later- I had to get some help with those to start with too!
Espeon Person, 5/17/2020, 7:11 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Okay. OwO
Nekomata, 5/17/2020, 6:26 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Sorry for the delay. Here's the skeleton of the code for the sidebars. You'll need to put this in your overall code. The CSS will determine how the sidebars will look (such as width, borders, etc.) so customize that! The HTML code below creates the table that uses the sidebar CSS information. The center area (id=container) is exactly how mine is currently set so maybe don't mess with that.

Espeon Person, 5/18/2020, 7:55 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Thanks a lot! I will work on that. Eventually.

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