Warning: The following may contain minor spoilers for those who aren't caught up with the comic.

Main Characters

Naya one day woke up on Mystella Island shortly after a volcanic eruption. Has no recollection of her past or who she is. Naive and timid but with a big heart. She’s traveling along with Talon and Mist in hopes of finding out who she used to be. Also because the voice in her head told her to. Strangely enough, she’s afraid of fire and loves water. A stone necklace is her only clue to her past.

Known Moves: Overheat, Ember, Iron Tail, Flame Charge
First Appearance: Page 01-02
A quiet and serious Pokemon with a troubled past, Talon does his best to avoid drawing attention to himself. He’s a skilled fighter but can get a bit carried away. Along with Mist he’s trying to track down the Pokemon responsible for Lea’s death so he can clear his name. On his downtime he likes a quiet day with a good book. Prefers the outdoors and sleeping under the stars.

Known Moves: Crush Claw, Slash, X-Scissor
First Appearance: Page 01-01
Energetic, silly, and always up for an adventure. Mist is a carefree spirit that doesn’t like being stuck at home. Having left her home near Starfall City she tags along with Talon in order to travel, see the world, go on adventures- and maybe help Talon with his hunt. She’s not a big fan of violence and would rather befriend everyone on the way and play games than fight.

Known Moves: Psychic
First Appearance: Page 01-01
The mysterious voice inside of Naya’s head. Well, he can also appear in things like mirrors and other reflective objects too. Not much is known about Echo due to his secretive nature. He does love to tease Naya by making her believe silly things or poke fun at her amnesia. His current goals and motives are unknown but he doesn’t seem like a bad person... right?

Known Moves: None?
First Appearance: Page 02-04
A sleep deprived Abra from Skycoast Town. She runs her own teleportation business but doesn't get many clients due to her very poor psychic skills. Talon is her only active client. She's pretty active and outgoing for her kind and often tags along with Talon and Mist on their travels.

Known Moves: Teleport
First Appearance: Page 02-13
An explorer, historian, and archaeologist. Reggie is a small snivy with a huge sense of adventure. Spends much of his time wandering about the region looking for hidden ruins, treasures, and lost pieces of history. Most of his findings are donated to the Starfall Museum. His hat was a gift from his mentor and inspiration and seems to always find its way back to him when lost.

Known Moves: Vine Whip
First Appearance: Page 05-09


Skycoast Town

A friendly Milotic who often gives rides to and from the small islands near Skycoast Town.

Known Moves: Surf
First Appearance: Page 01-08
Skycoast Town’s local mailbird. He’s a bit round for a Pidgey giving him the nickname ‘Pudgey.’ His real name is unknown. He doesn’t mind it at all, though. He knows that Talon is after some strange Pokemon and often makes sure any interesting news makes makes it to him.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 01-12


The Flame Guard

A grumpy Charmander with a pretty traumatic past. Blames Nyra- and mostly himself- for his mom’s death. Due to his emotional scars he hasn’t yet been able to evolve into a Charmeleon. Is often assigned to twin babysitting duty for being a jerk. Some argue that is too harsh a punishment even for Bern. He is a member of the Flame Guard.

Known Moves: Flamethrower, Metal Claw
First Appearance: Page 02-18
A newer member of the Flame Guard. Despite not being a fire type they let her in because she evolves into one. Loves books and drawing. Unfortunately most books are too big for her to get off the shelf so she’s very excited to evolve. Also loves teasing Bern and is his best friend despite him being a huge jerk half the time.

Known Moves: Steel Wing
First Appearance: Page 02-18
Aden and Arden
Ace’s two younger brothers and the menace of Greyfog Town. Both are for some reason allowed to be in the Flame Guard. They both work incredibly well as a team both in causing mischief and in tough situations. Arden is usually the one to come up with the ideas and Aden being the one to execute them. While everyone may hate them, they seem to love everyone!

Known Moves: Double Team, Ember
First Appearance: Page 03-02
Young and incredibly unprepared leader of the Flame Guard. After Alex’ unexpected death, Ace took over his role as leader. He’s not very good at it and he knows it. He leans heavily on others for support and is pretty open minded. He’d rather just be a normal member/fighter than be in charge.

Known Moves: Extremespeed
First Appearance: Page 03-20
Co-leader of the Flame Guard. Nyra tends to get straight to business when the situation calls for it and is far more decisive than Ace. After her father’s exile she was taken in by Ace’s family. Due to her family history some don’t exactly trust her. Her father and what he did has been a sore subject for her as a result. In her downtime she enjoys helping the twins setup their pranks.

Known Moves: Smog, Dark Pulse
First Appearance: Page 03-14
Former leader of the Flame Guard and father to Nyra. He was exiled after turning on Alex in order to use the Spring Flame to try to save Miah’s life. He currently lives in the nearby mountains along with most of his pack in case Greyfog ever needed them. Tends to leap before he thinks and follows his emotions and instincts.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 06-01
Member of the Flame Guard and Bern’s older sister. A very shy and uncertain Pokemon. She doesn’t have much faith in herself but always tries to have a good work ethic. She’s constantly worried about her brother as their mother’s death a very strong negative impact on him.

Known Moves: Thunderpunch
First Appearance: Page 03-20
A younger member of the Flame Guard. Sunny always wants to do the more exciting jobs but never has the motivation to earn them. He’s a bit sarcastic but otherwise fairly laid back.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 03-20
The oldest member of the Flame Guard. She’s really old. People forget this because she’s such a tiny torkoal. She’s a big sweetheart and people find it hard not to love her like a grandma. Her role in the guard is fairly small but she doesn’t mind.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 03-20
Former leader of the Flame Guard. After Cero’s exile he began to do more intensive research on what led up to the events of that night. He had a strong lead pointing towards a former member of the guard- Zila- but was was unfortunately killed in the mountains. During this entire time he stayed in secretly kept in touch with Cero.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 06-01
Member of the Flame Guard and Bern and Ashe’s mother. Pyrra was a gentle soul but was fierce when it came to protecting her family. She was planning to retire from the guard to focus on raising Bern after his father went missing. However the battle between the two packs happened and she was killed by Zila before she could retire.

Known Moves: Dragonbreath
First Appearance: Page 06-08
Nyra’s mother. Miah was not part of the Flame Guard but often offered support in the form of lunch, snacks, and other small tasks when she could. When the illness began to spread through the town she was one of the ones who fell sick and eventually passed away not long after Nyra was born.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 08-13


Starfall City

Temporary head of the Starfall Manor. She is watching over the mansion in Mist’s place until Mist is ready and responsible enough to take over. She is a well respected Pokemon in Starfall City and is often involved with local events.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 09-16
Elene works and lives at the Starfall Manor. She considers the residents of the place her family and is always fretting over their safety and wellbeing. Some would argue she cares a bit too much sometimes as she can come off a bit harsh and strict.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 09-11
The butler of Starfall Manor. Ramsley is a rather reserved and formal Pokemon. He’s got a big heart if you get him to open up and can make the best cookies.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 09-14
Jasper is another worker at the Starfall manor. After Mist ran away from home to go adventuring with Talon he was sent by Elene to go keep an eye on things and bring Mist home if needed. He’s a lot more relaxed than Elene, however, and only sorta kept an eye on her. He owns a few jewelry shops in Starfall City, Skycoast town, and Stonespire City.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 01-14
Varen is Mist’s younger adopted sibling. He’s got a lot of energy and is very nosy. Cookies and other yummy treats do not last long around him.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 09-11
One of Mist’s adopted siblings. Bow was found along with Varen wandering the Starwood forest on their own. They were both taken in by Garnet and Elene and have resided at the Manor since. Bow is shy at first but is a real sweetie once you get to know her.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 09-13
Elene’s son and resident of the Starfall Manor. He’s a very quiet and socially awkward kid due to his mom’s overprotectiveness keeping him from getting out much. Thankfully Varen, Bow, and Mist make an active effort to get him involved with whatever games they’re playing.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 09-13
Owner of the Starfall Museum and friend of Reggie. She studies and cares for many of the artifacts and objects that Reggie brings in from his adventures. She doesn't adventure with him due to a strong dislike of getting her fur dirty. Might be a bit OCD.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 11-10
Anna's assistant in running the Starfall Museum. Doesn't care as much for history like Anna but just wants to help her out. Can be a bit protective of her and the museum. Used to be a jerk but is mostly pretty chill these days.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 11-10
A baby larvitar that seems to have gotten lost in Starfall City.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 11-18
A battle-worn golisopod and guardian/parent of Pebble. He seems to know who both Naya and Echo are.

Known Moves: First Impression, Slash
First Appearance: Page 11-20


Stonespire City

A rare psychic burdened with the ability to see glimpses of the future. Despite this she is spirited and strong-willed and always tries to be positive. She reluctantly agrees to hire a bodyguard after her life is threatened by unknown Pokemon. Before her death she gives Talon vague instructions to find the Radiant Guild. Probably has more secrets than anyone is aware of.

Known Moves: Future Sight
First Appearance: Page 10-01
Talon’s snarky friend. Arlo resides in a bit of a rough part of Stonespire City but he doesn’t seem to mind it. He’s very well informed of the whatever is going on in the city. Even the shadier stuff. Lives to give Talon a hard time at every opportunity. May or may not ship Talon with Fea. Very reliable when you need him.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 10-04
A sweet and gentle Seviper who runs a flower shop in Stonespire City. Despite the stereotypical rivalry between Zangoose and Seviper she is good friends with Talon. She’s helpful by nature and doesn’t like to see others in bad situations. Always up for for a cup of tea.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 10-05
Big bully and leader of a notorious group of troublemakers within Stonespire City. Not well liked in the city, causes a lot of issues, and manages to avoid arrest by skirting on the very edge of the law. Very much deserves to be in jail. Got his butt handed to him by Talon and was later sentenced to a few months in jail for public fighting.

Known Moves: Mega Punch
First Appearance: Page 10-05
A relatively new police officer in Stonespire City. Alaric takes his role more seriously than most and is very much a by-the-book cop. His inexperience sometimes shows but he’s well respected in the areas he patrols. He takes a keen interest in current events.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 10-06
Coffee addicted police officer who is completely done with anything and everything. She’s a bit jaded from serving as a cop for so long but she’s not heartless. Just tired and in need of her fifth cup of coffee of the morning. She’s been tasked with helping mentor some of the newer officers much to her dismay. Says she wants to retire. Probably won’t retire for another five years.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 10-06


The Council

Council Member representing Stonespire City. She’s impatient and doesn’t suffer idiots very well. Has a strong dislike against legendary Pokemon for some reason. Is actively trying to find and capture Talon for the murder of her younger sister, Azalea.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 08-07
Council Member representing the island of Keane. He’s a newer member of the council as Keane had been isolated from the rest of the region for a very long time. He’s trying to act as a bridge between his home and the mainland. Grenth is very friendly and open-minded. Likes helping others. Has a family member who suffered from amnesia. Friends (?) with Lea. Probably suspicious.

Known Moves: Stone Edge
First Appearance: Page 08-07
Council Member representing Silverdune City and its surrunding areas. Does not talk much but takes a keen interest in everything that happens within the council. Seems pretty scary at first but he’s actually pretty chill and calm. That doesn’t stop kids from being terrified of his face.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 08-07
Not a Council Member representing Silverdune City. She seems to tag along with Orion on any council business he has so people often make that mistake. She’s a lot more chatty than her friend and acts as his eyes and ears when he’s busy. Probably the one you should be scared of.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 08-07



Oldest of the three legendary beasts. Considered a minor legendary. Works under Ho-oh with his two siblings to help keep balance. Very calm and well respected despite his minor status. Was ambushed and killed by strange Pokemon while patrolling the canyon. May or may not have reincarnated during a volcanic eruption.

Known Moves: Roar, Solarbeam
First Appearance: Page 00-01
Ho-oh is a major legendary. However she wasn’t always. During the war she became the main general to fight against Giratina and his renegade forces. After the war she took over Rayquaza’s role as guardian of the skies. Calm, calculating, and sympathetic she is sort of like a mother-figure to some of the younger legends. She tries her best to upkeep the peace between her kind.

Known Moves: Sacred Fire
First Appearance: Page 02-08
Minor legendary and youngest of the three legendary beats. Unlike his older brother, Entei, Raikou has an explosive temper and is prone to lashing out. He feels that the minor legendaries are under appreciated and do not get the respect they deserve. After Entei’s death he left to find the one he believed responsible for his death- Giratina.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 02-07
Middle sibling of the legendary birds and keeper of the Spring Flame. Moltres is one of the very few legendary Pokemon that actively interacts with the normal Pokemon of Kurori. As a result she is more sympathetic to the struggles of other Pokemon and tries to take on the burdens of others. She oftentimes underestimates the strength of normal Pokemon.

Known Moves: Solarbeam
First Appearance: Page 06-03
Youngest of the Creation Trio and always overshadowed by his siblings. He led a rebellion against Arceus that turned into a full scale war. After losing the war he was exiled to the Distortion World for one thousand years. Presently his whereabouts are unknown and is the main suspect in the murders of several legendary Pokemon.

Known Moves: Shadow Force, Shadow Ball
First Appearance: Page 09-18
Brother to Cresselia and legendary of nightmares. Was never very found of his role of creating nightmares for everyone but managed to push through it with terrible jokes and puns. For some that’s the true nightmare. Darkrai is very loyal to Giratina and served as one of his generals during the war of legends. He has been forgiven for his role in the war... but not for his sense of humor.

Known Moves: Dark Void, Dark Pulse
First Appearance: Page 09-19



Strange Pokemon with unknown motives. Was one of the ones who ambushed and killed Azalea and later Entei.

Known Moves: Protect, Slash, Rock Slide, Mud Shot, Screech
First Appearance: Page 00-02
One of the ones to attack and enter the temple in Greyfog town. Bad tempered and not afraid to result to violence.

Known Moves: Slash, Hydro Pump
First Appearance: Page 04-30
Leader of the intruders that attacked the temple in Greyfog Town. Doesn’t talk too terribly much and prefers to get things down as quickly as possible.

Known Moves: Stone Edge
First Appearance: Page 05-11
One of the intruders that attacked the temple in Greyfog Town. Unlike the rest of her group she seems to be a bit less willing to resort to violence and killing. She is the one to extinguish the Spring Flame.

Known Moves: Solarbeam
First Appearance: Page 05-11
A big bird brain who likes to act tougher than he is. For all the attitude he has it doesn’t take much to send him running from a fight. That said he’s not a bad fighter- he’d just rather run than lose. Can’t quite fly yet but does love doing gymnastics and acrobatics.

Known Moves: Acrobaticsl
First Appearance: Page 05-06
Arrogant, self-centered, and thinks lowly of those around him. Brane is very much an intelligent Pokemon but thinks he’s smarter than he really is. Values facts and calculations over opinions and speculation. Doesn’t care much for the others in his group and would abandon them in a heartbeak if they got in the way of his goals.

Known Moves: Shadow Ball, Psybeam
First Appearance: Page 05-06
Helped break into the temple at Greyfog town. Lazy and generally lacks any sort of motivation. Only came along because of orders. Would rather go get some tasty snacks and take a nap. Strong fighter and capable of tanking a lot of hits.

Known Moves: Dragonbreath
First Appearance: Page 05-06
Strange ghost Pokemon who doesn’t seem capable of talking. Unlike the rest of her group she doesn’t seem at all interested in fighting or whatever. Would happily play a game of cards or charades to pass the time.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 07-06
A minior that helped fight with Shale, Stella, etc. Not much is known about this Pokemon. No one even knows their name or what color they are. Strange.

Known Moves: Rock Slide
First Appearance: Page 07-06
A baltoy that helped with with Shale, Stella, etc. against the Flame Guard. Like their minior ally not much is known about this Pokemon. The only thing anyone knows about this one is their name.

Known Moves: Rapid Spin
First Appearance: Page 07-06
A group of exeggcute that are being used by Xenith, Shale, and possibly some others to communicate across distances. These poor seeds don’t seem to want to help... but they also don’t want to be smashed.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 04-01
Unknown Pokemon of notable rank in an unknown organization. Expects results at all costs. Not very friend. Will put his foot down against any who stand up to him.

Known Moves: Stone Edge
First Appearance: Page 04-01
Zila (Houndoom)
A former member of the Flame Guard. She was not born in Greyfog but moved there a few months prior to the battle between the two packs. Not much is known about her. Responsible for helping start the battle by killing two members of the guard before going on to kill Pyrra and escaping.

Known Moves: Night Slash, Hyper Beam
First Appearance: Page 06-09
A Zoroark working for Xenith to cause a rift between the two main packs of the Flame Guard. By poisoning the town’s food supply she weakened the guard both in numbers and by giving them a reason to start fighting. Her orders invlolved killing Pyrra, Moltres, and finding a relic that was believed to be in Pyrra’s possession.

Known Moves: Night Slash, Hyper Beam
First Appearance: Page 08-20
A Weavile who works with Zila. Not much is known about her. Does not care much for Zila’s illusions.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 08-19
The strrange Pokemon who killed Lea. Faster and more dangerous than they seem.

Known Moves: Slash, Smack Down
First Appearance: Page 10-13



A strange Ninetales that might recognize Naya. Maybe. She’s got bad eyes and lost her glasses.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 01-12
Mysterious Absol is mysterious.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 01-20
One of two news reporters who follow stories around the south-west part of Kurori. He’s the younger of the two siblings and by far the more enthusiastic. Unfortunately he kinda stinks at his job. He and Allegra fight a lot for the most interesting stories.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 08-04
One of two news reporters who work in the south-west part of Kurori. She’s the older of the two and can be a bit bossy. She’s not as excited about the job as her brother but when a big scoop comes up you can bet she’ll fight him for it. She’s a lot better at her job than Adagio is.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 08-04
Grenth's sister. At some point she and Grenth were separated. During this time she suffered from some form of amnesia that she never recovered from. According to Grenth this changed her personality drastically.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 11-17
Naya's older brother. Described as a kind and gentle soul. Got separated from Naya under unknown circumnstances. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Known Moves: ???
First Appearance: Page 02-01

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