Schedule + Search Upgrade

Quick update today!
So if y'all haven't been paying attention to the progress bar, I suggest taking a look! It should say 6/21 pages are complete at this time. What this means is we have a buffer! As such I've decided to put the patreon bonus updates in again for the time being. I'll likely burn through this buffer before I have the chance to work on the next few pages but it's fine. So updates are officially every Friday + the first and third Tuesdays of the month for the time being!

Also the amazing admin of ComicFury updated how the search works and provided us with a lovely code to help filter searches by keyword, transcript, or title. Title isn't too useful as I just name my pages as numbers- but the keyword/transcript searches will be very helpful!
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Site Updates!

I did some tinkering on the site a bit over the last week. The changes are as follows:

- Added a link to scroll mode to the navigation bar. Useful for binging and mobile-friendly!
- Fixed up the search page so it should be working again.
- Updated the keywords of every page to help with searches a little bit.
- NEW: We now have a cast page! It's nothing fancy but it should list every notable character in the comic!

Not sure when PRS updates will resume but enjoy the changes! I didn't break the site this time!
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Layout changes!

While trying to update the layout a little bit Today I accidentally broke the comic view page. In an attempt to fix it I uploaded a previous version of the layout without realizing it would replace the code for all of the site’s pages and not just the one I broke. Long story short I had to redo most of the custom changes I’ve made to the layout recently.

Please let me know if you see any bugs, broken links, missing things, etc. I did my best to remake the layout as close to what it was before I broke it. I only had one page to reference so some parts might look a touch different.

At least I got that new piece of code working... eventually. You’ll now see a list of the four most recent news posts included with the Author’s comments on comic pages. I wanted to add that in for a while since ComicFury doesn’t really notify users of new blogs/news posts which made them not worth using over announcement pages. With the links to news posts (and the date they were created) now easily viewable in the comments for everyone I’ll probably start using those more! 

For those who saw the site when I broke it: I’m so sorry! 
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Tentative Return Date!

Heya, everyone!

It's been a while since I've done a proper PRS update, hasn't it? The hiatus has definitely gone longer than anticipated- mostly stress, bad time management, and just feeling pretty BLEH most of the time. But it's okay- I think I've got that spark of motivation back again so I'm optimistic that I'll have Chapter 11 ready for production soon. I finished scripting the chapter yesterday so all that's left is layouts and then to actually start making the pages. Of course, I'm still working on my final graduate project/thesis so that's a major focus and may delay things a bit more. I'm shooting for a June 5th return. In the event that I feel like my graduate work is too heavy for that, then I'll push it back into July (at which point I should be done and ready to graduate hopefully). I'll continue to share Asks until the hiatus over! Patrons will start getting sneaks in the near future!

I'm really excited for this chapter. There's going to be some fun scenes in there... and a few fan-favorite characters will have a little time in the spotlight!

- Neko
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PRS 7th Anniversary Contest

(I 100% forgot to announce this on CF)
Heya, everyone!
It's been years since the last PRS contest and seeing as PRS' 7th birthday is coming in a few months, this feels like a good year to give it another go! Here's the theme information, rules, prizes, and deadlines! The contest will be ending some weeks before the actual birthday of the comic so I can use that time to feature the amazing art y'all make during the next planned PRS hiatus at the end of Chapter 10 (if y'all want, anyway!)
Mystery / Friends
I had some friends suggest theme ideas and put up a poll. Mystery and Friends tied so why not pick both? You do not need to use both themes. Only one... but you may use both if you wish! The themes are very vague to allow you all to kind of do what you want with them. So don't feel like you have to take them literally. They're there to help more than restrict! Feel free to break PRS canon if you want- like drawing a dead character with someone they never got the chance to meet while alive!
- Max One entry per person.
- Art must contain only PRS character/s. No OCs, inserts, cameos, etc. etc.
- At least one theme must be used.
- Must be SFW (Violence / minor gore is allowed)
- No art theft of any sort and whatnot.
- Submit by uploading and tagging me or send it to me via notes / dm / etc.
- Have fun!
1st Place: Full commission from me.
2nd Place: Full body drawing + Colors/Shading
3rd Place: Colored/Shaded Icon
Deadline: April 10th
Please feel free to ask any questions here! Thanks!
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Beta Testers Needed!


Edit: Seems the search is only useable by patrons at this time! My bad!

So my patreon page has been one of a few selected to beta test the new post search feature that will be coming in the foreseeable future. As such, I'd like to invite everyone here to help test it, look for bugs, try to break it, etc. etc. I know not all of you are patrons but there's a healthy amount of public posts and who knows- there may be bugs that only non-patrons can find! Any and all feedback you provide on the search will be forwarded to the patreon developers so they can fix and improve upon any issues that may arise before the full launch. Post any feedback, issues, bugs, etc. here in this blog or on the latest public patreon post on my patreon regarding the beta testing.

The testing will begin at about 3 PM PST.

Thanks for your help!

- Neko
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Radiant Guild Update!

Heya, everyone!

So the Radiant Guild is a site a few friends and I have been working on for a while now- since around the time Smackjeeves announced that it was going to commit suicide. Its purpose is pretty simple- to be a comic directory for readers to find their favorite comic's new mirrors and places to support it and for authors to get more exposure by listing them together. It's a pretty small site right now but we're looking to expand it bit by bit in time. We just want to help readers and authors alike with this!

We launched on the same day as Smackjeeves' big downgrade and as of earlier today we're officially open to accepting new comics and authors into our listings! The requirements aren't too strict on joining. While we expect a sizeable portion of our listings to be Pokemon comics (funny how the Pokemon comic community tends to stick together) we'll be open to a variety of comics so long as they follow our rules and guidelines.
So what does this mean for authors?
You get a profile page that you can edit to include links to sites that readers can support you at (such as patreon, ko-fi, etc.) Each of your comics will also get their own profiles where you may add links to any and all mirrors. Both of these pages can be edited by you via your discord login. (Our amazing webmaster plans to add more login options in the future).

Additionally, you may submit banners to be used on the site's main page (and your own pages, of course) to help showcase your work some. The banners will be randomly picked from all comics on the front page and randomly from your own comics on your comic/profile pages. The RNG is set so that the main page banners will not favor comics with more banners uploaded versus those with one. Unfortunately we've got a slight bug with the banners where they're being blocked by adblockers. We're looking into it but I'd like to assure everyone that there are no ads on the site! We don't plan on adding any, either.
The site is still pretty new and there's a lot that we're hoping to do with it in the future. Please bear with us as we work out some kinks in the code and design of the site! (At least it's less buggy than Smackjeeves is right now!)

We have a known bug where the form might not submit properly. To see if your form went through, check the following link:

If you have any questions, please ask them here or in the identical comic news update. (The comic page will be deleted eventually, this news/blog post will not.) I'll do my best to answer!
Rules and Guidelines:
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New Pages Return December 20th

I finally pushed through and uploaded and scheduled every single existing PRS page to the new ComicFury site. It took a while having to write out tags and transcripts for every page but I think it'll be worth it. The tags and transcripts will allow you guys to use the search button on the site to look up key words, phrases, etc. to easily find past events in the comic. I've tagged every character and species based on appearance or when they're talking on the page- even if they're not drawn (like Echo).
The buffer of old pages is being posted at a rate of a page every other hour. It will continue to do so for about 12 more days until it is caught up. Which means:
New Pages start going up on the 20th!
Updates will be on a weekly Friday schedule as always from that point. I've got an itty bitty buffer that I hope to grow a little between now and the 20th so that we can at least get a few pages out before I inevitably need to take a break. We'll see!
Thanks so much for the patience on updates!
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RIP Smackjeeves

It's official, guys! ComicFury will be PRS' new main site. The new SJ site is just one big dumpster fire. I plan on discontinuing updates there entirely.

I'm a bit swamped with stuff like the DA art thief BS and finals stuff right now but as soon as I'm free I'll be accellerating the updates here on CF to get things caught up even sooner. Once we're caught up new updates will resume on a weekly basis at our normal time! I've got a itty bitty buffer so we should be good.... right?

Also some exciting news! Normally I'd do a page news update for this- and I will- but right now with the update schedule posting so many pages in a day it'd just be drowned out so I'll say it here first. Myself and some good friends have set up a new site to help list the mirrors and author profiles of various comics! It's nothing fancy and is just meant to help readers find other places to read or support some comics! It's called The Radiant Guild! Yes- like PRS' Radiant Guild! You'll notice the logo looks familiar- but not quite the same! There's two links of it on the site layout- one on the left hand side under links and one under affiliates.

Speaking of affiliates- I've added some new ones! I plan to continue doing so in the near future as friends finally give me their affiliate buttons!
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Pardon the Mess!

In light of the recent SJ fiasco that's going on, I'm moving PRS over here to CF in hopes of finding a new home to host the comic. SJ has been my main host for so long but the direction it is going in is not one I care for. Thus I've migrated here to CF. While I'm hesitant to declar this my new 'main' site for PRS, I'm at least liking what I see so far. At the very least this will be a new mirror for the comic that I'll set up while I figure things out. I'm slowly migrating things over and with the large number of pages in the story it may take some time for it all to be up. The comic will update twice a day here until it's all caught up- or until I decide to make this PRS' new home base- in which case I'll go ahead and upload the rest all at once.

Please be patient while I get this all setup. A new layout for the comic will go up eventually- it's something I've been meaning to do anyway- but for now I've put up the current SJ layout.

Thanks so much for everyone's support and patience!
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