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Sorry for the break. Life's been crazy! Updates will resume this Friday. I have 2 pages complete and a third nearing completion. Goal is to get the first three pages out on a normal Friday schedule- then post the last two pages as a treat to finish off the chapter!

After that we go to our normal post-chapter hiatus while I get the outline, scripting and layouts for Chapter 13 done... which good news: I've already started on! So this break -should- be shorter than the usual break I take between chapters... but it's also going to be a tough chapter so no promises. As always, there will be asks open during this break to help fill the gap!

posted by Nekomata @ 2/22/2022, 1:26 AM  -  6 Comments

User Comments:

PokeMashComicFury, 2/22/2022, 2:53 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
No need to rush back to it I've wanted to make a comic for 2 years now but like you said life is crazy. good to see your back though :)
comercole, 2/22/2022, 3:10 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Hey there take your time Mrs maybe I should get into drawing my mom suggested I feel like reading comics should give the push to start drawing so I don't have to ask for commissions or ask permission to use art but anyways keep up the good work neko you and others inspire me to maybe someday star drawing someday I don't wanna do it right now don't wanna push myself hard.
garpa nova, 2/22/2022, 7:50 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Oooh I'll be looking forward to the updates! Good luck finishing up these last few pages, and take your time with Chapter 13 :)
AceDelta12, 2/22/2022, 9:05 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Hang in there! I’m glad you’re taking some time for yourself!
FoxyPlaysXD123, 2/22/2022, 12:26 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
We all need breaks so no worries.
Geronex, 2/23/2022, 12:56 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I was waiting for a blog and here it is ok.
Hello, I'm Geronex, I have many comics in translation and I plan to translate yours but I haven't started yet, but I plan to translate it and publish it on this page in *Spanish* for more people to read it, but I want to ask if I have permission to publish it, because I want your consent to know if I can.
PS: Any spelling error is due to the translator, but in the comic I pay more attention to it, so there will be almost no errors, I promise.
-Geronex Ñ.

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