Holiday Return

Sorry I had to stop the asks. Life just got a bit too busy to keep up with those and I really wanted to shift focus to working on owed art and Chapter 12. So that's what I did! Some of y'all might've noticed the progress bar moving a tiny bit here and there. Just an itty bitty percent at a time as I've worked on scripts, thumbnails- and now actual pages! There's a 2 page buffer (if you count the chapter cover) in the finished pile and I'm hoping to expand that to maybe 5-6 before updates resume. This way I can at least guarantee a few weeks of updates before I may need to take a break or extra time for some of the more difficult pages to make. There truly are a few parts in this chapter that I'd hate to leave you hanging on (not that I ever feel bad for cliffhangers).

So my current return goal is Dec. 25. Whether that'll be for posting the cover or the first actual page of the chapter will probably be determined by buffer size in the week or two before! The first few pages are a bit on the heavier side just for Arth (Golisopod isn't easy to draw) followed by a few easier pages before it becomes background and crowds hell for a bit then a few more easy pages. The rest of the chapter is gonna be consistently on the time eating end so please please please bear with me if updates become inconsistent as we go. It's very difficult to keep regular updates! Before pestering me about "WHEN IS THE NEXT PAGE?" and all- please keep in mind pages can take anywhere from 3-12 hours to make and I'm anticipating at least 50% of the pages this chapter being closer to the 12 hour mark than the 3 hour mark.

Anyway- thank you all for your patience thus far! I know the long waits between chapters can be inconvenient- especially when I leave y'all off on a cliffhanger.

- Neko

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Nova Ozuka, 11/30/2020, 7:21 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I'm not surprised that Golisopod is hard to draw. I mean, it does look very hard to draw to me, but then again, I'd have trouble drawing most Pokemon.
comercole, 11/30/2020, 3:37 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Wow sorry i was wondering where you where.

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