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Asks #06
Asks #06

After a strange volcanic eruption, Naya finds herself on a deserted island with no memories of her past... and a bunch of other important stuff. She tags along with an odd bunch of Pokemon who offer to help her out. Together they get involved in a plot bigger than any of them could have anticipated.

Except Echo. Echo probably knows exactly what's going on. They could tell Naya, but where'd be the fun in that?

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PRS Update

Sorry for the break. Life's been crazy! Updates will resume this Friday. I have 2 pages complete and a third nearing completion. Goal is to get the first three pages out on a normal Friday schedule- then post the last two pages as a treat to finish off the chapter!

After that we go to our normal post-chapter hiatus while I get the outline, scripting and layouts for Chapter 13 done... which good news: I've already started on! So this break -should- be shorter than the usual break I take between chapters... but it's also going to be a tough chapter so no promises. As always, there will be asks open during this break to help fill the gap!

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Comments Fixed

Apparently the setting to allow comments on blogs is separate from the one for comic pages. BOTH should be working again. Sorry for that!

Commissions still open but probably not for much longer!

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