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DnD Time!
DnD Time!

After a strange volcanic eruption, Naya finds herself on a deserted island with no memories of her past... and a bunch of other important stuff. She tags along with an odd bunch of Pokemon who offer to help her out. Together they get involved in a plot bigger than any of them could have anticipated.

Except Echo. Echo probably knows exactly what's going on. They could tell Naya, but where'd be the fun in that?

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Back by Popular Demand: Request Streams

Hey, everyone!

Recently during a restructuring of my patron page it was decided that I should try bringing back the monthly request streams. I've always struggled with doing the monthly requests for patrons and after some thinking I realized the request streams I used to do were always a fun and productive way of getting such things done- after all, look how the charity stream back in February went... it was fun, people got art, and we did some good!

While this is being brought back mostly because of patrons, the original request streams way back when were done as a big thank you for those who have been very supportive of PRS and my work. I plan on keeping it this way so the old rules will be brought back with relatively minor adjustments. What this means is that anyone will be able to request but priority will be for patrons and 'regulars'. The full set of rules and guidelines will be included with the form which will go out when the stream starts.

Currently we are set to stream on Saturday October 8th from around 10:00 AM Central time until maybe 5 PM. These times are subject to change and I may choose to take a dinner break and resume streaming into the night. See y'all then!

- Neko

posted by Nekomata @ 10/2/2022, 10:32 PM  -  3 comments

PRS Update

Hey, everyone!

Thanks so much for your patience regarding PRS updates these last few months. It's been a bit hectic on my end and I've not had as much time to give to PRS as I'd like.

It's been a bit since the last Asks page went up and at this point I'm going to say there will be no more for this break so I can focus on getting Chapter 13 going. The other day I finished up the script for the chapter and then jumped right into getting thumbnails of each page done so a ton of progress has been made! I expect the thumbnails to be finished this weekend!

I'm not going to give an exact set in stone date for when pages resume but I do hope to get the cover page up for Patrons next week and then hopefully the first actual update page for patrons within two or three weeks after that. This is a heavier chapter than usual art-wise so I cannot promise weekly updates. I'll try, however. Once I have a date for public posting I'll be sure to yet everyone know. In the meantime, keep an eye on the progress tracker on the CF site for an idea of how close I am to having pages finished and ready for posting! The tracker is updated fairly regularly.

Once again, thanks so much for your patience, everyone! <3 Hope you all enjoy the chapter when it is finally ready!

RG Discord Server (I post early updates + WIPs here): https://discord.gg/GmV7Dnkp
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Nekomata
ComicFury: https://prs.webcomic.ws/

posted by Nekomata @ 8/26/2022, 1:33 PM  -  7 comments

PRS Update

Sorry for the break. Life's been crazy! Updates will resume this Friday. I have 2 pages complete and a third nearing completion. Goal is to get the first three pages out on a normal Friday schedule- then post the last two pages as a treat to finish off the chapter!

After that we go to our normal post-chapter hiatus while I get the outline, scripting and layouts for Chapter 13 done... which good news: I've already started on! So this break -should- be shorter than the usual break I take between chapters... but it's also going to be a tough chapter so no promises. As always, there will be asks open during this break to help fill the gap!

posted by Nekomata @ 2/22/2022, 1:26 AM  -  6 comments

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