Holy Cameos

So I finished the thumbnails for Chapter 12 last night. It's uh. Haha. There's a lot to draw... quite a few crowd scenes in particular. So I'm gonna be needing more cameos! I'm removing the usual 3 cameo limit and making it 6 for the time being. (Submit two forms for that). I probably won't be enforcing the cameo limit too strictly compared to the other rules this time around as I often skip a handful of cameos for eligibility reasons so if you're not sure if you submitted any prior, feel free to resubmit. These cameo forms will be good for any scene in Starfall City during this arc (so through Ch13 at least). Click the link below to fill them out!


Additionally, due to the estimate workload that this chapter will give me I'm going to hold off resuming updates until Mid-late December so I can try to get a headstart with pages. Usually the average page takes about 3-5 hours from sketch to finish to complete, however many of the pages in Chapter 12 are looking to be 8+ hour pages just based on character complexity (Arth), quantity (crowd scenes), backgrounds (help), or a mix of all of the above. What this means is I expect this chapter to be a lot tougher to maintain a weekly schedule with which is why I'd like to put off resuming updates until sometime in December. Doing so will allow me some more time to try building a buffer- or at least getting the sketches of the first several pages ready- so that I can hold a weekly upload schedule at least for the first few weeks. I'm going to go ahead and rule out Tuesday bonus updates unless I get a large enough buffer for that. Sorry! I hate lowering the update schedule but this chapter really is crazier on the art side than previous chapters.

Thank you so much for your patience in the meantime! Asks will continue to be posted twice a week until Chapter 12 is ready to start. I think I've got enough asks answered to last through... November 13th and I've got a handful of questions still in the queue to be answered so we should be good for the time being. Of course, if you still want to ask questions feel free! I may save a few for the next Q&A session if I don't answer them all this time around.

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:D cameos.
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Take all the time you need!
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a f f i l i a t e s