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Heya, everyone!

So chapter 11 is officially done which means it's time for a hiatus while I get chapter 12 prepped and ready to go into production. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to finalize the outline for the chapter so you're probably going to need to deal with the cliffhanger for a while longer than I had originally intended (I was hoping to have the script done by now oops). It's okay- I'll be sure to keep y'all updated on the progress of chapter 12.

In the meantime I have a few small announcements:

Cast Page Update
- While not necessarily new, the cast page has been updated to include the new characters from Chapter 11. This change was actually made last week but I figured it'd be an easter egg for those who check it to see the new characters early. I'm aware of the error with Amber's info- I'll fix that next time I update the page ahead of Chapter 12.

Chapter 11 Annotated PDF
- Like I do after every chapter I compile a PDF file of the entire chapter at its full resolution. This PDF includes some bonus goodies such as author notes that usually contain some of my thinking process, fun-facts about the characters, or just general notes about the chapter. Additionally the PDF includes the outline, script, and layouts for the chapter along with some practice and concept sketches. Also the april fools pages in their full resolution glory are included. This PDF is available to patrons of the $10+ tier for a limited time (until November 1st)- so if you're interested in getting the file this is your first and probably last notice about it!


PRS Asks
- I'll be opening up asks again to help pass the time between chapters. There were many questions in the last round and it was pretty well received so why not? As usual, please be sure to ask questions only in the designated places on each respective site that they're open on. This makes it much easier for me to find the questions. Any questions asked in the incorrect place will be ignored. The places to ask will be:

ComicFury: In the comments of the Asks rule page
DeviantArt: In the designated Journal
Patreon: In the designated Post
Twitter: Reply to the designated tweet.

Asks are already open on Patreon. They will open everywhere else this Friday at the normal PRS update time.

Cameos are still Open!
- Earlier in the year I opened up Cameos for Chapter 11. However, I only managed to get through a handful of cameo sheets and thus will be extended the same cameo form for the remaining chapters in the Starfall Arc. So if you missed the window last time, fret not! Please be sure to read the rules on the cameo form- and if you submitted previously, please do not submit more unless your characters were among the ones that appeared in Chapter 11. Please do not be upset if your cameos do not end up being used- I usually pick cameos based on what fits best for the scene and what I feel like drawing.

Cameo Form:

Redbubble Goodies
- Some of y'all have discovered my redbubble recently. I don't usually advertise it since I don't add much more than the odd sticker but I plan on adding some Ch11 art as stuff like button pins later on- and maybe some new stickers. If there's any art I've made (that isn't commissioned or gift art) that y'all would like to see put on Redbubble in any form, just ask. I don't rely on redbubble for income so all prices should be the redbubble default. I use redbubble more to feed my unhealthy sticker addiciton.


Thank you!
- Lastly, I'd just like to thank everyone for all of the support over the years! Motivation has been an on/off thing for a while now and I'm so happy at the general reception of Chapter 11. It's given me a wave of motivation for the comic that I didn't think I had left in me. I know the story can be a bit slow at times but I swear I'm trying to push things onward! I don't know when Chapter 12 will be ready for updates but I'm quite excited for it- hopefully you guys are too! I've switched the Chapter 11 tracker to start tracking Chapter 12's script progress. Once the script is done it'll change to tracking layouts- and then to overall chapter completion like it has been the last few months. Once you see layouts nearing completion you'll know it's almost time to get working on the actual pages! Until then- enjoy the asks and please don't kill me for the cliffhanger.

- Neko

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Well, here goes nothing! Well, I hope you are doing good! Just don't stress out too much, and take a break when you need to. :P
Nekomata, 9/24/2020, 12:19 AM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Thank you!
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