Helping a Friend

Heya, everyone!

Non-important announcement here to help someone out. You see a good friend of mine is trying to get 50 followers on Twitch for access to new fancy stuff that comes with that achievement. So I'm asking y'all to visit his twitch page and whatever and consider following. I don't know much about twitch or anything- all I want is to help a friend out.

If he reaches 50 followers by 6 PM my time I'll change PRS' update schedule to 2x a week for the remainder of the chapter which would have the chapter end on Sept 22. If he reaches 50 by 7 PM my time I'll move all updates up one slot to finish the chapter on the 29th.

- Neko

Edit: He got to 50! Looks like I owe y'all double updates for the next few weeks~!

posted by Nekomata @ 9/2/2020, 3:08 PM  -  2 Comments

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Killswitch123, 9/2/2020, 5:15 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
The deed has been done....
Nekomata, 9/2/2020, 8:39 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
Thanks for helping! =D

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