Schedule + Search Upgrade

Quick update today!
So if y'all haven't been paying attention to the progress bar, I suggest taking a look! It should say 6/21 pages are complete at this time. What this means is we have a buffer! As such I've decided to put the patreon bonus updates in again for the time being. I'll likely burn through this buffer before I have the chance to work on the next few pages but it's fine. So updates are officially every Friday + the first and third Tuesdays of the month for the time being!

Also the amazing admin of ComicFury updated how the search works and provided us with a lovely code to help filter searches by keyword, transcript, or title. Title isn't too useful as I just name my pages as numbers- but the keyword/transcript searches will be very helpful!

posted by Nekomata @ 6/9/2020, 3:42 PM  -  0 Comments

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