Layout changes!

While trying to update the layout a little bit Today I accidentally broke the comic view page. In an attempt to fix it I uploaded a previous version of the layout without realizing it would replace the code for all of the site’s pages and not just the one I broke. Long story short I had to redo most of the custom changes I’ve made to the layout recently.

Please let me know if you see any bugs, broken links, missing things, etc. I did my best to remake the layout as close to what it was before I broke it. I only had one page to reference so some parts might look a touch different.

At least I got that new piece of code working... eventually. You’ll now see a list of the four most recent news posts included with the Author’s comments on comic pages. I wanted to add that in for a while since ComicFury doesn’t really notify users of new blogs/news posts which made them not worth using over announcement pages. With the links to news posts (and the date they were created) now easily viewable in the comments for everyone I’ll probably start using those more! 

For those who saw the site when I broke it: I’m so sorry! 

posted by Nekomata @ 5/12/2020, 6:03 AM  -  2 Comments

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Ngamer01, 5/12/2020, 1:14 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I don't know if it has been suggested, but you can suggest a blog post notification idea on the Comic Fury forums if you haven't already.

I subscribe here via RSS, so I get notified of blog postings in addition to comic/art/filler/special postings.
Nekomata, 5/12/2020, 2:57 PM     Reply | Edit | Delete
I don't mind the lack of notification too much. Usually anything of extreme importance will be posted as a comic page to make sure more people see it. I just like having this for smaller updates and announcements! Not everyone uses RSS feed so making the news posts more visible will help a little.

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