Tentative Return Date!

Heya, everyone!

It's been a while since I've done a proper PRS update, hasn't it? The hiatus has definitely gone longer than anticipated- mostly stress, bad time management, and just feeling pretty BLEH most of the time. But it's okay- I think I've got that spark of motivation back again so I'm optimistic that I'll have Chapter 11 ready for production soon. I finished scripting the chapter yesterday so all that's left is layouts and then to actually start making the pages. Of course, I'm still working on my final graduate project/thesis so that's a major focus and may delay things a bit more. I'm shooting for a June 5th return. In the event that I feel like my graduate work is too heavy for that, then I'll push it back into July (at which point I should be done and ready to graduate hopefully). I'll continue to share Asks until the hiatus over! Patrons will start getting sneaks in the near future!

I'm really excited for this chapter. There's going to be some fun scenes in there... and a few fan-favorite characters will have a little time in the spotlight!

- Neko

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