PRS 7th Anniversary Contest

(I 100% forgot to announce this on CF)
Heya, everyone!
It's been years since the last PRS contest and seeing as PRS' 7th birthday is coming in a few months, this feels like a good year to give it another go! Here's the theme information, rules, prizes, and deadlines! The contest will be ending some weeks before the actual birthday of the comic so I can use that time to feature the amazing art y'all make during the next planned PRS hiatus at the end of Chapter 10 (if y'all want, anyway!)
Mystery / Friends
I had some friends suggest theme ideas and put up a poll. Mystery and Friends tied so why not pick both? You do not need to use both themes. Only one... but you may use both if you wish! The themes are very vague to allow you all to kind of do what you want with them. So don't feel like you have to take them literally. They're there to help more than restrict! Feel free to break PRS canon if you want- like drawing a dead character with someone they never got the chance to meet while alive!
- Max One entry per person.
- Art must contain only PRS character/s. No OCs, inserts, cameos, etc. etc.
- At least one theme must be used.
- Must be SFW (Violence / minor gore is allowed)
- No art theft of any sort and whatnot.
- Submit by uploading and tagging me or send it to me via notes / dm / etc.
- Have fun!
1st Place: Full commission from me.
2nd Place: Full body drawing + Colors/Shading
3rd Place: Colored/Shaded Icon
Deadline: April 10th
Please feel free to ask any questions here! Thanks!

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