December 3, 2019 RIP Smackjeeves
It's official, guys! ComicFury will be PRS' new main site. The new SJ site is just one big dumpster fire. I plan on discontinuing updates there entirely.

I'm a bit swamped with stuff like the DA art thief BS and finals stuff right now but as soon as I'm free I'll be accellerating the updates here on CF to get things caught up even sooner. Once we're caught up new updates will resume on a weekly basis at our normal time! I've got a itty bitty buffer so we should be good.... right?

Also some exciting news! Normally I'd do a page news update for this- and I will- but right now with the update schedule posting so many pages in a day it'd just be drowned out so I'll say it here first. Myself and some good friends have set up a new site to help list the mirrors and author profiles of various comics! It's nothing fancy and is just meant to help readers find other places to read or support some comics! It's called The Radiant Guild! Yes- like PRS' Radiant Guild! You'll notice the logo looks familiar- but not quite the same! There's two links of it on the site layout- one on the left hand side under links and one under affiliates.

Speaking of affiliates- I've added some new ones! I plan to continue doing so in the near future as friends finally give me their affiliate buttons!
November 26, 2019 Pardon the Mess!
In light of the recent SJ fiasco that's going on, I'm moving PRS over here to CF in hopes of finding a new home to host the comic. SJ has been my main host for so long but the direction it is going in is not one I care for. Thus I've migrated here to CF. While I'm hesitant to declar this my new 'main' site for PRS, I'm at least liking what I see so far. At the very least this will be a new mirror for the comic that I'll set up while I figure things out. I'm slowly migrating things over and with the large number of pages in the story it may take some time for it all to be up. The comic will update twice a day here until it's all caught up- or until I decide to make this PRS' new home base- in which case I'll go ahead and upload the rest all at once.

Please be patient while I get this all setup. A new layout for the comic will go up eventually- it's something I've been meaning to do anyway- but for now I've put up the current SJ layout.

Thanks so much for everyone's support and patience!

a f f i l i a t e s

New affiliates are always welcome! PM me for more info! Inactive affiliates and broken images will be removed.