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After a strange volcanic eruption, Naya finds herself on a deserted island with no memories of her past... and a bunch of other important stuff. She tags along with an odd bunch of Pokemon who offer to help her out. Together they get involved in a plot bigger than any of them could have anticipated.

Except Echo. Echo probably knows exactly what's going on. They could tell Naya, but where'd be the fun in that?

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Site Going Down

The PRS site here on CF will be going down for an unspecified amount of time sometime this weekend. Long story short, I've got a creepy as hell stalker who won't leave me the hell alone and I'm getting very tired of playing account whack-a-mole. I figure since PRS is on hiatus this won't really disrupt any updates- if anything, it'll just extend the hiatus a bit while I focus on other things. This is just a heads up so people don't freak out and think the comic is gone forever or anything. Just a few weeks. My deviantart will be temporarily deactived and my twitter will be privatized as well. Sorry for the inconvenience, guys. Please bear with me and be patient!

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PRS will get an update tomorrow then resume the hiatus for a few more weeks! 

posted by Nekomata @ 4/1/2021, 12:22 PM  -  4 comments

Blocks and Hiatus

Hey, everyone! It's been a while since I've done a proper status update.

A few weeks ago y'all remember the issue with people being spammy about typo corrections and whatnot on PRS page uploads. I know I was overreacting some but I don't regret that. For the most part I think the message has gotten across clearly but I'll probably still be posting the rules with each page now. The majority of people were overwhelmingly supportive of me and the comic during that mess.

There were some people whoever that I decided to block for being spammy, rude, etc. And I'd like to talk about that for a minute.

I don't block often. I really don't. I hate doing so and maybe that's why things wore me down as much as they did. It was always a last resort option for me in the past. A few months back I blocked someone who was a fairly toxic presence to me on discord and you know what? I realized that it's okay to block for your own mental health and sanity. Before I had always tried to just... work around it somehow? I don't know. It helped.

So when the spammy comments started becoming too frequent on DA/CF/etc. I decided that it'd be easier to just block the worst of the spammy commenters. Not all of them- just those who crossed the line a little further than most. One person in particular apparently did not take that well. They apparently got... obsessive after the block. I'm not sure that's the best word to describe it but anyway... they had someone ask me about their block, uploaded a screenshot of my response, decided to block evade with a new account (which I also blocked), and then started posting "F--- Petuniabubbles" type stuff. It was unpleasant. Now every account that watches me on Deviantart that is less than a week or two old has me anxious that it's this person trying to block evade again and I hate that. I don't like suspecting those who probably just want to see whatever I upload here.

Which I guess brings me to the point: No one should have to be afraid of backlash over blocking people. People should be able to block whoever they want for whatever reason they want. If someone starts acting in a way similar to my recent experience then all they have done is prove they deserved to be blocked. For those who know someone blocked by an artist: Please don't play messenger for them. Don't ask to give them second chances, don't ask why they were blocked. By doing so you may be encouraging creepy or abusive people to continue acting the way they were. If it weren't for everything that happened post-block I might have unblocked this particular person after another week or two (I tend to unblock the more spammy people after a few weeks in hopes that they get the message not to do so again).

I'm mostly just getting this off my chest cause I feel like venting. I'm fine and this isn't a situation where I feel like I'm being actively stalked or whatever. The worst that has come out of this is I'm now suspicious of new accounts watching me which I kind of hate.

Also apparently people think I'm a guy? I'm so confused over that but okay?!

Anyway- thanks for putting up with my quick ramble. Now for the part of the post y'all actually care about: After next week's PRS update there will be a brief hiatus. This is entirely unrelated to the above and more just something that was bound to happen anyway. The second half of Chapter 12 is a lot heavier on the art side and due to anxiety/depression swings I've run out of buffer. So I'd like to put a pause on updates until I can at least get 2-3 more pages done for buffer. Page 12-11 is done but it'll be posted after the break since I'd rather break at the end of one scene instead of at the start of another! I'll keep y'all updated on ETA for return.

Just to reiterate: There WILL be an update NEXT week. Just not for maybe 2-4 weeks after. In the meantime Nightfall info dumps will continue (as I've a buffer of those to last a few months) so if you want to check out my non-Pokemon comic (or rather, information as pages aren't in production yet), click the below link!


Thank you all for the amazing support and patience that you've so kindly shown in me. <3 I really appreciate it.

- Neko

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